Auto Tint

Auto tint

National Glass is Tucson’s leading source for auto tint. Our window tinting experts can help protect you and your vehicle against the damaging rays of the sun, and we make cars and trucks look perfect.

How does it work?

llumarWe use Llumar, the industry’s best automotive window film. Expert technicians attach sheets of durable polyester laminates to your windows. The outer side features a scratch-resistant surface, and the other side has a special adhesive which bonds to glass.

Our solar control tints work on auto glass by selectively allowing visibility for the vehicle’s driver and occupants, while blocking the damaging rays of the sun from entering the cabin.

Auto tint can greatly reduce the cabin temperature, enhance outward visibility against the glare of sunlight, and nearly eliminate any damaging or dangerous effects of ultraviolet (UV) light on vehicles’ upholstery and interior trim.

Most importantly, here in Tucson window tinting helps protect the skin and eyes of drivers and passengers alike.

National Glass provides and installs several types of top-quality window tinting films which can:

Filter only damaging UV rays

Filter both UV & solar infrared rays to reduce heat without changing the glass appearance

Control glare and improve appearance by reducing visible light
For fast, professional window tinting that’s both durable and economical, contact National Glass in Tucson. We’ll exceed your expectations for quality auto tint.
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